Collection: Japanese/American Fusion

Hand-crafted ?Urbane Resort” themed collections feature exquisite textures, patterns, and colors echoing beautiful, exotic places around the world. We create a unique chic paradise and translate it into wearable art that is fashionable for every day.

They are obsessed with the small details with handpicked rare gemstones from all over the world, and the designer and artisans incorporate high quality Japanese cylinder seed beads to create pieces with patterns and colors like no other. Each hand-crafted piece has its own story to tell, and a wondrous place to take you. 

They are inspired by where they have been, where we are today, and what they love:  beaches, nature and a unique combination of urbane coastal living, the warm breezes, the bright colors and clear sunlight of a tropical beach vacation, the artistry and refined craftsmanship of ancient Japan, and the modern chic of New York - this is what inspires, and what defines this designer. 

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