Ollyball GLOW Party!

Ollyball GLOW Party!

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Ollyball GLOW Party! is a patented lightweight play ball engineered to be hit full-force indoors and colored in with the included 5 neon GLOW markers and 6-foot LED BLACKLIGHT strip that sticks to walls! Ollyball GLOW bursts with color under blacklight. Kick it, color it, turn on the blacklight and the party begins!

Ollyball GLOW Party is “Next-Level” Fun!

• Patented KrunchCOR construction, will NOT BREAK WINDOWS!

• 6-Foot UV LED BLACKLIGHT light strip included!

• 5 NEON Markers Included!

• Safely SMASH the hand-stitched durable high performance kite material shell!

• Play and game time for all ages with extremely lightweight and durable ball

• Great for rain or snow days, and parties.

• Easily inflate or deflate with the included straw.